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Corporate Vision

Our vision is to provide exceptional Logistics Services for our customers and strategic partners, by maintaining our focus on Safety, Professionalism, Value, Performance, and Quality.

Our Commitment to Quality

On-time Performance: On time arrival is our highest priority. We realize that moving from one place to another can be a very stressful event. As a result, we are completely committed to enhancing our position with our customers by assuring them that On-Time Performance is Job 1.

Professional Personnel: Our personnel are well equipped to handle your job. You will find them to be uniformed, courteous, professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, they will be committed to making your relocation a relaxing and stress free event.

Quality Equipment: When we originally established our business plan and corporate objectives, we realized that the selection of the right equipment was essential in meeting our commitments to our customers. It was imperative that we select a vehicle that was versatile enough for local activity, yet durable enough to travel from Houston to El Paso. As a result, our entire fleet is made up of the International 4000 Series Medium Duty Trucks. Equipped with diesel engines, 24 ft. Boxes, 2500 lb. lift gates, ramps and E-trac, International 4000 series Trucks are the #1 trucks on the road today.

Exceptional Delivery: This phase of the relocation process is where we distance ourselves from the competition. Our commitment to you is simple; “ Perfect Service”. As a result, our objective is to provide you with the delivery of your goods without any rub marks, abrasions, dings, scratches, or damage of any kind. We pride ourselves on exceptional delivery and that pride will manifest itself during your relocation.

Value Driven: Understanding that cost is always a concern, we have developed a pricing strategy, which is fair and equitable for both parties. Our objective is not to be the most expensive, nor to be the low cost provider. However, when all facets of our business are taken into consideration, and value is the customer’s criteria for selection of a carrier, we unquestionably distinguish ourselves in the marketplace.

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